About Baraza Resort & Spa

Baraza Resort and Spa

We are passionate about Zanzibar and love the island, the people and it’s spectacular natural environment….this is our home. We are not a chain and we have no formula and no….. we do not have a fleet of resorts in  other Indian Ocean islands!

When we came to Zanzibar over 20 years ago, and set foot on our now world renowned beach, we decided to use our degrees from the Cornell School of Hotel Management to combine the highest standards in hospitality with the personalization and warmth of a family owned and run business, reflecting the unique beauty and culture of Zanzibar.

Our location was not chosen by accident: a beautiful, unspoiled beach now chosen by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the top 30 island beaches in the world.  Of course, when we first arrived, hardly any journalists or travel writers had ever visited Bwejuu – Paje beach, or Zanzibar for that matter.

We really were explorers, searching for the perfect spot and we are delighted that the most prestigious Travel magazine in the world approved of our choice!


Why the South East Coast?

1. We might be a little bit biased, but we really do feel that the South East Coast gives visitors the chance to see and feel the real Zanzibar beach experience.

2. Our beach is simply one of the best in Zanzibar, if not in East Africa…dare we say in the world!

3. We are located in a part of Zanzibar that unlike other parts of the Island, is relatively undeveloped with few hotels, charming fishing villages and a spectacular natural environment.

4. En route to The Zanzibar Collection is the Jozani forest, home to the Red Colobus monkey. A species unique to Zanzibar.

5. We are a quick drive to Kizimkazi, home of the famed Dolphin laguna where you can swim with Dolphins.

6. Our beautiful coral reef which stretches across our coast, makes swimming safe, snorkeling spectacular and has ensured that we have the finest white powder sand beach.

7. With breathtaking diving and East Africa’s only National Geographic affiliated dive center, water sports and reef safaris you can experience the great variety of marine life that makes this part of Zanzibar so special.


Our Proudest Contribution

One of our proudest achievements has been the contribution that we have made and continue to make to an entire generation of Zanzibaris and Tanzanians through our commitment to training  and employment within the hospitality sector, which 20 years ago was almost nonexistent.

It is a testament to us that world renowned, international hotel companies who have arrived to Zanzibar much later in the game, try to poach our staff on a regular basis.  An bit of an annoying habit that we nevertheless consider to be a feather in our cap!

We thank our team of staff for their dedication in ensuring that our valued guests leave Zanzibar having had a great experience and singing the praises of this beautiful Island and its people.