Experience Baraza

Experience Baraza Resort and Spa, Zanzibar

Baraza is a painstaking architectural interpretation of Swahili design and features handcrafted details that have been incorporated in the architecture to celebrate skills of the local craftsmen. We have honored and reinforced iconic designs, traditions and skills in a celebration of Swahili design. The name Baraza itself means “meeting place” and represents community, social interaction, and relations. We searched to find craftsman on the island who were skilled in the art of cement carving. As a result, beautiful diverse handmade designs inlaid in plaster are a feature on all the Villas and buildings.

All the Zanzibari furniture in Baraza is hand made by local artisans who have perfected the art of wood carving, for which Zanzibar is so famous.  Architecturally, Baraza itself is a journey through the grand, beautiful designs of the style of Sultans Palaces of Zanzibar. We feature traditional Swahili dancers and singers and our Taarab band plays music that would have been heard in the Court of Sultan bin Said in 1880. This is our effort to support and celebrate the cultural identity of Zanzibar and preserve this iconic art form.