“Extremely impressed”

This was my first trip to Baraza and I have not stopped thinking about it since I left. One has the feeling upon settling in that it has taken decades to build. Everything feels authentic and welcoming – from the vast lounge spaces to the endless gardens.

Although it is not a large hotel and still very private, the hotel offers the greatest luxury of all…space. The villas are large enough to spend a few months in, and each with an individual plunge pool and sultan’s bed looking out at the ocean. We dined and were entertained in different spaces for almost every meal and the food in and of itself will make Baraza a destination. The dishes created by the chef are what you’d expect to find in some of the finest restaurants, with intricate presentations.

The staff is friendly but not overly intrusive which is great. This is a big problem I have with ‘resort and spa’ properties where you’re asked to relax but the staff are always trying to sell you something. The all inclusive structure also allows for much more freedom and in general we found the hotel to be very good value for what was delivered. On our last day a couple checked in for 2 nights from another hotel on the island (which I won’t mention) and told us horror stories of spending 14 days at what was supposed to be a ‘luxury’ resort paying 550 euros a night. They commented that they felt their holiday had only just begun when they arrived at Baraza.

The guest service manager was extremely courteous and at ease in managing a wide variety of guests from different backgrounds. I did not get a chance to experience the water sport facilities but it seemed very professional with modern equipment.

Finally the spa, in my opinion, is easily one of the top 10 on the continent. The spa employs specialized therapists from the Far East as well as a yoga master to offer guests every opportunity to relax and feel pampered. There is no comparison anywhere else on the island nor on the East African coast.

Without a doubt, Baraza will impress even the most discerning traveler!

Reviewed March 3, 2009